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Using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising to Jump Start Online Traffic

On the spectrum of online advertising, there is little that companies are more hesitant to do than spend more money. Often we find pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to be the most intimidating due to the immediate nature of paying a fee each time your ad is clicked. When organic clicks can be earned with solid SEO efforts, many business owners ask themselves, “Why would I pay for a click?” However, many businesses find that once they start, PPC advertising is the digital solution they’ve been dreaming of.PPC advertising

Budget control: To start, PPC allows for complete control over budget and desired traffic. You won’t be left wondering how many page views you received from PPC ads, and you aren’t left waiting and wondering if your views will increase. After determining an estimated cost-per-click, you can determine either your desired number of clicks to your website, or your desired budget and calculate the estimated amount of website traffic from your campaign. Either way, pay-per-click advertising is highly scaleable with tight budget control.

It’s fast: While inbound advertising can be effective at attracting customers and developing long-term relationships, it can take nearly a year for these loyalists to turn into customers. Pay-per-click advertising guarantees visits to your website and even sales conversions within just a few hours.

Scalability: With other methods of online marketing, scaling often means generating more and more content– generating ideas, creative, or copy. This takes valuable time that could be otherwise devoted to other business activity. PPC allows you to scale in an instant simply by adjusting bids or budgets. Whether you’re changing bids on a daily basis, or optimizing keyword strategies weekly, most of your days and weeks are spent not worrying about your advertising campaigns while still reaping the rewards of your ad spend.

If you’re ready to start a pay-per-click advertising campaign, but you’re not sure where to start, give Interelate a call. Our PPC professionals have years of experience building, evaluating, and optimizing accounts. Reach out to them today!

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