Using Gmail Ads

Nowadays, with the wide range of online marketing techniques out there, it’s hard to know which is the most effective for your business.  Gmail Ads are largely underutilized, but are quite effective, particularly when it comes to capitalizing on customers who are constantly checking their email throughout the day.

The Benefits

  1. Updated ad appearance

Recently, Gmail Sponsored Promotions was updated and redesigned to become Gmail Ads.  The new formatting and appearance of the ads is advantageous.  For example, explains that the preview of the ads in customer inboxes no longer includes a logo or yellow background.  This allows the ads to blend more seamlessly into the user’s overall inbox, and help ensure additional clicks.

  1. Specific targeting opportunities

Gmail Ads allow for specific customer targeting.  Overdrive Interactive describes a few targeting possibilities such as age, gender, keywords and languages.  There are even methods in place, as The Huffington Post explains, to target customers based on themes that appear in the content of their email messages and Google searches.  The options are endless, and also essential if you hope to reach a certain audience.

  1. Streamlined marketing

Search Engine Watch discusses how your email marketing campaigns can now inform your Gmail Ad data.  Utilizing past email marketing campaign data, you can see what prompted the most customer intrigue and clicks.  You can then incorporate the style, keywords, and other details from those successful emails into your ads.  Search Engine Watch further explains how ads that originally did well organically will most likely do well in these sponsored ad formats.  By incorporating analytics from past email marketing techniques, you will save time as well as have effective and helpful information to fuel successful Gmail Ads.

  1. Interactive and creative content

Having interactive content in any marketing strategy is beneficial and Gmail Ads provide the freedom for advertisers to do so.  Embedding a YouTube video as Overdrive Interactive details is a prime example.  It’s intriguing, requires a click, often promotes a shareable idea, and provides both a visual and auditory message.  Creative content is also crucial.  Search Engine Watch describes how even a simple emoji can increase message-opening rates in Gmail in both the desktop and mobile versions of Gmail.  There is not much to lose by tapping into your inner creativity to make your ads truly pop.

Gmail Ads hold a lot of promise, particularly as email becomes a standardized part of the overall workforce.  Gmail Ads now appear more like organic messages, have many opportunities to become specifically targeted, are a streamlined form of marketing, and allow advertisers to incorporate unique content.  Overall, the benefits are great, and the options are endless for capitalizing on conti

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