Mobile Optimization

The use of mobile devices for web searches has more than simply “increased” in recent years — it has practically become the norm. With this widespread use of on-the-go technology, mobile users behavior is vastly different than a typical desktop user. Acknowledging this difference is the first step of developing a successful mobile-optimized website.

Certain criteria are particularly important on mobile devices. Our primary focus will fall on specific, impactful modifications to your mobile presence:

  • Page speed – loading time is hugely important to the demanding, instantaneous mobile user. If your page takes too long to load, your customers won’t stick around.

  • User experience – fat fingers are a true consideration here. If your links or buttons are too close together, users will become frustrated by clicking when they meant to scroll, or clicking the wrong of two links that are too close together.

  • Structured data – giving your search engine listing more real-estate makes a huge difference on a smaller screen. Interelate will optimize your rich snippets to give your website a more robust search engine presence.

Mobile optimization can be a key component of capturing previously missed leads. Customers who visit your site from a mobile device should have an experience that is customized to the kind of device that they are using. If that’s not the case, let Interelate help!