Content Marketing

Website content comes in all shapes and sizes. Some businesses seek assistance overhauling their website copy; others need blog topics, posts, or newsletter articles written. Regardless of your content needs, Interelate delivers customized, data-driven content marketing strategies that improve conversion rates.

All of our copywriters are deeply attuned with keyword search and search engine best practices, but thankfully these days that also means writing for humans first and foremost. The old methodologies of keyword stuffing and black-hat strategies no longer pass muster with search engine crawlers.

  • Timely/relevant

  • Visually appealing — include headings, subheadings, and calls to action

  • Simple — online reading needs to be digestible for multi-tasking visitors

  • Informative (scarcely promotional)

The last one is important — too many businesses try to use their blog or other content platforms for straight selling. Instead, using these platforms for stories, commentary, and occasionally weaving products or services without obvious promotion is the key to content marketing success.