Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Stop chasing rankings and start winning customers.


Content Marketing

Website content comes in all shapes and sizes. Some businesses seek assistance overhauling their website copy; others need blog topics, posts, or newsletter articles written. Regardless of your content needs, Interelate delivers customized, data-driven content marketing strategies that improve conversion rates.

All of our copywriters are deeply attuned with keyword search and search engine best practices, but thankfully these days that also means writing for humans first and foremost. The old methodologies of keyword stuffing and black-hat strategies no longer pass muster with search engine crawlers.

  • Timely/relevant
  • Visually appealing — include headings, subheadings, and calls to action 
  • Simple — online reading needs to be digestible for multi-tasking visitors
  • Informative (scarcely promotional)

The last one is important — too many businesses try to use their blog or other content platforms for straight selling. Instead, using these platforms for stories, commentary, and occasionally weaving products or services without obvious promotion is the key to content marketing success.



Social Media Marketing

Customers have been trained to believe that brands should be available for them to communicate with 24/7. The first key to accomplishing this as a brand is simple: be there.

Interelate will help you bridge the gap between simply existing in the social media world and actually connecting with your customers online. Our role is to help your brand develop an online “personality,” that encourages engagement from your audience which requires both active listening, and an abundance of creativity. From original content to paid placements, our social team does it all:

  • Community management
  • Original social media content
  • Active listening and participation in relevant conversations
  • Paid advertising on social media platforms

Our social media strategies are informed by web analytics, not just guesswork. Although social media platforms are familiar territory for most in the digital-age, Interelate takes social media marketing to the next level. Our strategies incorporate research, organic content and paid placements to achieve marketing goals.


Technical SEO

Because of the dynamic nature of search, our search engine optimization strategies vary by client, but technical optimization generally includes a combination of many tactics.

  • Meta data optimization (for structure and keywords)
  • Social signals
  • Site architecture modification & sitemap submissions
  • Backlink audit

While none of the aspects of technical SEO are particularly flashy, neglecting to attend to these aspects of your site can damage the visibility of your website. Instead, Interelate provides a comprehensive technical SEO program to ensure that your site is crawled, indexed & found by search engines and, in turn, by customers.



Local Search

Have you ever looked your business up online, only to find that your name, address or phone number was listed incorrectly? In order to compete directly with your big-box competitors, your basic listing information needs to be correct.

Maybe you’ve “Googled” your company’s services from your office and been disappointed to see that your competitor down the street is showing up on the map, and not your business. The key to earning local business is winning local search results — if your customers are there, you should be, too. 

  • Local listing management
  • Local keyword optimization
  • Location-targeted advertising
  • Reputation monitoring/management

The second piece of ensuring a successful local presence is monitoring and managing your local reputation. In this day and age that usually means soliciting and managing your company’s reviews online. Interelate can help you build a review-generating campaign to not only get your business found, but have it favored above the competition. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) has turned into a catch-all for various marketing activities because they all have a similar goal: getting your business found online.

One of the biggest hurdles of managing SEO is the constant change in search engine algorithms that require changes in marketing strategies. We’ve learned from newsworthy penalties like those assessed to JC Penney, that nobody wants to be caught violating best practices!