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Digital Consulting Services

Constant change makes internet marketing challenging to manage. But we do it every day.


Analytics Reporting & Evaluation

Whether your company is using Google Analytics, another third party data provider, or nothing at all, Interelate is equipped to help you interpret your website traffic. Web analytics can be a powerful business asset when given context, but it can be challenging to even know where to start. Our philosophy regarding data analytics is simple: 

data + context = action

We take the abundance of individual data points and put them into actionable, revenue-driven strategies. By analyzing site visitors, their behavior, and conversion paths, Interelate provides various web analytics services, including:

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) establishment and/or reporting 
  • Data-driven, lead-based strategy consulting
  • Integrated campaign reporting


Lead Tracking

Give depth to the insights that you’re pulling from marketing campaigns, locally or nationally. Using lead tracking can highlight campaign strengths and weaknesses, including:

  • Campaign reach

  • Lead quality

  • Customer service or sales process issues

  • Conversion paths

Lead tracking sheds light on what formerly felt like unanswerable questions regarding calls to your business. If you’ve found yourself scratching your head over low close-ratios, or wishing you had more data to support your marketing decisions, lead tracking is an ideal solution. Asked yourself these questions lately? Give Interelate a call.

  • And are they qualified leads?

  • Where did the customer come from? How did they find us?

  • Are our lead management processes conducive to closing the sales loop? What is the customer experience like at the end of the funnel?

Collecting and maximizing the data that you obtain from leads can optimize your online marketing campaign performance, lowering cost-per-lead.


Website Audit

This vital first step of the online marketing process. Instead of making an unnecessary investment in a brand new website, allow us to identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of your site. Determine what features can provide further benefits, and what’s already working.

So many companies are convinced that they need to “redo” their website in order to generate leads — the truth of the matter is that most websites work just fine. Before you spend thousands on a lengthy website re-platforming or redesign process, consider having a thorough website audit:

  • Identify strengths based on niche and competitors
  • Identify weaknesses based on website best practices and conversion rates
  • Conversion optimization strategy

This audit doesn’t only provide valuable insights about your current website, but it can also be used to inform paid search, organic search, and content strategies. 

With the abundance of available resources, tools, agencies, in-house talent, and growing levels of expertise among business owners, many businesses have developed a pretty healthy internet marketing program.

Over time, these same businesses may begin wondering if their processes are working or if they’ve stayed current with the seemingly endless updates to the Google algorithm, best practices, and new offerings. That’s where Interelate can help. 

Our digital consulting team will evaluate your website, online activity, and marketing campaigns to ensure that you’re performing in tip-top shape.