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Maximizing the Benefits of Online Reviews

women giving positive reviewsWith a staggering 92% of consumers reading online reviews, the importance of businesses using online reviews to their advantage cannot be overstated. Customers are using services like Yelp, Facebook, and Google more than ever to research what other consumers are saying about products before pulling the trigger on the purchase themselves. Luckily, there are several ways that companies can maximize the benefit of reviews. Here are a few ways to use reviews to attract new customers:

Add Your Own Content to the Review Page

Depending on your business, you may find that the majority of customers are reviewing your products either directly on your company’s website, or on an external review site such as Yelp. Either way, your business should take the opportunity to use these review pages as the free marketing tools that they are. If customers are primarily reviewing through your company’s home eCommerce website, encourage customers to leave reviews after purchases, through pop-up ads or email follow up. If customers are flocking to your company’s Yelp page, in addition to encouraging customers to leave reviews there, your business should be uploading lots of flattering photos related to your products and services. The more content a review page has, the more likely a customer is to trust your business.

Show Off Your Best Reviews

There’s no reason to be shy — if your business receives some over-the-moon reviews, they can be used as very effective advertisements! Try linking to exceptionally positive online reviews directly on your website as a way to highlight your product or service’s best features. Your customers know online reviews come from unbiased sources, so stellar reviews carry a lot of weight.


Responding to as many reviews as possible is a pro-active way for your company to create and maintain a positive reputation. Responding to negative reviews may help a disgruntled customer feel better about an unsavory situation, and they may even update their review once the matter has been discussed. Responding to good reviews helps foster a more personal relationship between customers and businesses. Either way, responding to as many reviews as possible can only benefit your company’s relationship with its customers in the long run.

The concept of reviews may make business-owners nervous, but the reality is that reviews, when correctly utilized, can be one of the best marketing tools available. Treating review pages with the care and attention they deserve can help your business win more customers.

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