Improving the Digital Experience

Digital Experience


As technology continues to change, the business world continues to evolve in response.  Clients expect a certain digital experience when they go online to look for a service.  Rather than having your company’s online presence be a hurdle on the path to customer conversion, allow it to be a catapult to more business.  GoKart Labs suggests tips for improving the digital experience for clients, which are summarized in the 3 steps below.


Step 1: Identify key phases of the online journey

Each person that comes to your website or who uses your app falls into a different phase of the online journey.  Phases may include:

  • Individuals who are unaware of your business and what you offer
  • Those who are familiar with the brand name but don’t know what they can gain from using your services
  • Those who know a decent amount about your business and are interested in learning more about what you as a business have accomplished
  • Those who are ready to contact you to take the next step


Step 2: Determine different activities happening within these phases

This step involves determining the activities that you are doing in each phase to help the customer.  For example, do you offer customer reviews and insights to new clientele who are in the “interested” phase of the online journey?  Additionally, what services or solutions do you have in place to make it easy for those individuals who are ready to contact you to actually be able to reach someone at your company?


Step 3: Assess how your business is doing in each of these activities

You can label each of the activities from step 2 as “good,” “bad,” or “meh” as GoKart Labs describes.  Using data collected from analytics software can assist with this, as can straightforward customer service survey results.

By determining if the activities you and your co-workers are putting so much effort into are helpful, just ok, or a hindrance, you can start to improve your customers’ online experience.



After completing these steps, you want to respond appropriately to what you learned about the relationship between your current online presence and clientele experience.


In general, you want to be assistive and make things easier for your customers in order to lead to more customer conversion.  CIO advises that your website or apps have simple and straightforward navigation.  As CMS Wire describes, you can also create how-to videos and make the online phases easier to progress through by anticipating a client’s next question.


After the essentials of the digital user experience are satisfied, CMS Wire suggests reusing content modules and repeating calls to action to help clarify for customers what their next step should be.  CIO also describes how making it easy for customers to contact you if there is an issue is helpful.  Even if you have a phone number listed, depending on your audience, maybe having live chat as a service would be more beneficial.  Beyond these suggestions, incorporating existing research about marketing strategies like color psychology, as CIO explains, can be beneficial in terms of the color of buttons that most often lead to customer conversion.


Overall, following the tips above can help your business’s digital presence go from good to great.  You can identify specific holes in the online process such as what activities need to be boosted or dramatically changed to improve the customer experience.

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