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Digital Marketing Strategy: Where Should We Be?

Social media is now ever-present. Often, setting up accounts on these sites is free, so businesses think – “why not?”  Having a variety of business social media accounts is a lot more work than it seems, however.  Companies are now hiring social media strategists specifically to keep content fresh and updated for all the social media accounts that they have and to answer any client questions that come through those mediums.  For small and mid-sized businesses with limited budges and limited resources, trying to be everywhere online may not be feasible.

The tips below can help you determine your digital marketing strategy and where your business should be in terms of social media.

SocialEvaluate your target audience

For any business, it is essential to determine who your target audience is.  An example is knowing what age group you are targeting, which can help determine what social media outlet is the most appropriate. describes other crucial details such as what types of clients will value your product.  An example they discuss is a company selling baby strollers with a specific feature; knowing what types of parents would look for that feature can help you more specifically define who your target audience is.

Determine the strengths of each platform

One size doesn’t always fit all and social media is a prime example.  Each social media type has its strengths, and matching those strengths with your company’s goals and capabilities is important.

Business News Daily details the unique benefits of the most popular social media sites:


To date, Facebook is the most recognized and most utilized social media platform.  There are a huge variety of options for business owners to post to customers and potential customers.  Therefore, this is a great starting point for many companies.


Twitter is a popular outlet as well.  This platform relies heavily on rapid communication, which is beneficial for customer service, but not every business, especially if it is small, has the resources to respond to people that rapidly.


Pinterest is a visually oriented platform of boards you can pin to.  Knowing your target audience is imperative for this site because the users, according to data, are primarily women.  The common categories for boards and pins include topics such as recipes and fashion.  If the products you are selling do not fall into one of those categories, creating unique content could be a challenge.


Instagram is an interesting platform because it is primarily mobile.  This can be a beneficial trait depending on your target audience.  It is mainly visual like Pinterest, and has an intuitive layout that users generally learn quickly.

Social media has transformed the world as we know it.  It is a great opportunity for, often times, free advertisement; however, not all social media platforms are a good fit for all businesses, particularly if the company is small.  Matching your business’s target audience with the appropriate social media platforms can help ensure that your accounts are used to effectively reach your ideal customers.



Written by: Alexandra Kennedy

Alexandra is a freelance and contract writer based in the Greater Boston area. She is a biologist, animal lover, lifelong student, and traveler.

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