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Google Removes Ads from Right Sidebar

The announcement Recently, Google made the announcement that they are removing right sidebar ads on the search results page. quotes a Google spokesperson who explained that this change is happening globally and in all languages.  Additionally, the top and bottom of each search results page will now include 3-4 text ads according to  […]

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How To Know What Digital Trends to Follow This Year

As we continue in the new year, recommendations for digital trends in marketing continue to pop up on websites all over the internet and in email inboxes of marketing executives all over the country and world. How can you know what to focus on? It is as simple as going back to your organization’s core. […]

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Who Should Be Using Social Media Marketing and Why?

What is social media? Social media is a world unto itself.  It is a way to share, like, comment, connect, message, tweet, and follow.  Presently dominated by trending and searchable topics, social media is a major platform for people to receive friend updates, daily news, and even specials offered by their favorite businesses.  It is […]

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B2B PPC – When It Works, and When It Doesn’t

It is common for B2C brands to rely on pay-per-click (PPC) as a way to get visits to their sites. For B2B brands, however, the optimal use of PPC is a bit more complicated. Display ads used correctly can successfully boost B2B awareness. They are typically recommended in situations where brands have proven keyword research […]

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Using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising to Jump Start Online Traffic

On the spectrum of online advertising, there is little that companies are more hesitant to do than spend more money. Often we find pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to be the most intimidating due to the immediate nature of paying a fee each time your ad is clicked. When organic clicks can be earned with solid SEO […]

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Maximizing the Benefits of Online Reviews

With a staggering 92% of consumers reading online reviews, the importance of businesses using online reviews to their advantage cannot be overstated. Customers are using services like Yelp, Facebook, and Google more than ever to research what other consumers are saying about products before pulling the trigger on the purchase themselves. Luckily, there are several […]

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10 Signs You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

In this day and age, a digital marketing strategy is an essential component of any successful business. The web is a major center of commerce, and if your business isn’t taking advantage of that to the fullest, you will lag behind the competition. If your business doesn’t currently have a digital marketing department, hiring a […]