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B2B PPC – When It Works, and When It Doesn’t

It is common for B2C brands to rely on pay-per-click (PPC) as a way to get visits to their sites. For B2B brands, however, the optimal use of PPC is a bit more complicated.

Display ads used correctly can successfully boost B2B awareness. They are typically recommended in situations where brands have proven keyword research and strong past performance on a PPC platform such as Google.

If that does not apply to you, do not worry! PPC can still be a beneficial source of additional leads, but the key is to correctly set up the lead-nurturing process. Keep in mind your goal of gaining conversions beyond the initial click and eventually closing new business generated from the PPC.

As part of the lead-nurturing process, take the time to evaluate the sales process. In doing so, be aware that the processes at smaller companies may be less streamlined compared to other larger companies you have dealt with. Be aware of how PPC leads are handled and stress the importance of post-click conversions in evaluating ROI.

If you are considering B2B PPC or looking to improve upon your current situation, the key take-away is to evaluate the pre-click and post-click process. The more knowledge you can gain about clients’ experiences with the display ads, the more successful you will be in converting clicks to sales.

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