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How To Know What Digital Trends to Follow This Year

As we continue in the new year, recommendations for digital trends in marketing digital trendscontinue to pop up on websites all over the internet and in email inboxes of marketing executives all over the country and world. How can you know what to focus on? It is as simple as going back to your organization’s core.

Your organization is unique, just like the individuals who work for it and the customers who receive its’ products or services. As part of your organization, you also know the values your organization holds true to its core. These values drive the organization’s work, and this should be no different when it comes to marketing.

As you filter through articles and messages advertising the “Top Digital Marketing Trends” and “5 Marketing Trends to watch for in 2016,” think about how each trend aligns with your organization’s values to find what is actually important and beneficial. Here are some of the trends you may encounter and the values they address:

Dedicated apps- As mobile accessibility and use overtakes desktop, many companies their own apps. They can be easier to utilize and offer more options to users than standard mobile websites.

Related values: accessibility, individuality, loyalty


Video ads- These days you can find videos for almost anything you can imagine. Small corner stores to Fortune 500 companies are using videos to connect to their customers by sharing information or humor. Video ads in particular are expected to increase as they become more and more accepted by internet users.

Related values: creativity, accessibility, reliability


Virtual reality- Virtual reality devices are rolling out for specific applications and general use. Devices such as Oculus Rift are expected to introduce a new online advertising medium by integrating to popular social media platforms, video channels, and direct messaging. While the fad could be temporary, the amount of available funding predicts otherwise.

Related values: innovation, creativity, risk

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